Yoga Over Chocolate! (well nearly)

Yoga Over Chocolate! (well nearly)

My practice is inconsistent and it has predominantly been with Adriene Mischler on YouTube, Yoga with Adriene. I adore her! She is the most wonderful easy going woman, with a fun approach to life. She says “y’all” a lot as she is from Texas and encourages you to lift the corners of your mouth during yoga.  She has her faithful friend Benji by her side during her weekly free videos and she invites you to “Find What Feels Good” on the mat. 

I remember buying a Power Yoga DVD back in 1998.  I was on trend for once! The practice never stuck though.  Fast forward 15 years and I was seeking it out again to help me manage my crazy life schedule.  You may know that feeling, leaving the house at 6.30am getting home on the average at 8pm.  

I had plateaued with my own practice, I needed a real life teacher!

And so I started searching around Ealing (West London). After numerous classes in people’s homes, in parks and coffee shops. I found her!  (It was always going to be a woman, you could see that coming right?). I had been trailing a few classes at Triyoga Ealing as I was not having much luck in my search.  Yes this is a chain, not my first choice! However as it was just opening it was quiet, it was beautifully designed, with underfloor heating, and a great introductory offer. Hello!

It was faith, my sister was over in London for the weekend and choose a specific open yoga class for all levels.  On that crispy and sunny November morning we entered her class. Savira Gupta is her name. She greeted us with a warm heart and smile.  She has thee most calming energy, she genuinely understands the body and moves with intent and intensity. With my intellect mind I like to understand how to do things properly and why I am doing them. Yoga is no different.  She teaches with technical knowledge and detail, and with a playful approach.

I went to her class for the next three months. It was in this class, a safe and comfortable space that I first felt the powerful effects of yoga.  Up to that point it slowed me down, make me feel stronger in myself while giving me some reprieve from life’s demands.

I remember the moment vividly. We had just released a slow twist and were allowing that to settle.  My mind had been completely absorbed in the class. And I felt this wave of lightness, of peace and calm.

I cannot remember feeling this light and at peace, well maybe ever. It is a sense of knowing; this is where I am meant to be right now! I regularly turn to chocolate and I used to turn to wine when I wanted to block out the world. But this I had done with my own body and a mat.  I remember nearly skipping home and feeling on top of the world! 

I wanted this feeling every day!

That is what set up off on doing yoga regularly, and why India starting calling me.

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