Integrity In All Its Colours

Integrity In All Its Colours

When I say I will do something. I will do it.
When you say you will do something. I expect you to do it.

I have a belief system that consistently running late is rude.
I will never leave you waiting in a restaurant.
And I will never cancel last minute on you.

I am incredibly loyal to those I love and care about.
I expect that which I offer.
It means we both have a caring and fun relationship.   

My standards are very high of myself.
Too high.
And yes you know what that means……

I now accept that I am black and white.
My awareness means I am kinder to myself and others.
And play more in the grey.

I get upset by lying. And half truths. Own it.
Teeny tiny white porkies are ok.

I would prefer you didn’t apologise when you use the word “if” or “for that I apologise”.
It is not an apology.

Professions and industries that I will never go into;
Politics, for obvious reasons.
PR as I have to be honest, I have no option.
Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco, Alcohol, Deforestation……    

I know I am credible because I live in a world of integrity.

I feel integrity.
So do you.

With genuine love.

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  1. Oh my goodness…HOW have I missed so many of your posts! I thought I’d signed up to receive them as they were written, but obviously not. This has now been rectified. I adore this photograph of you and whilst I’m always hesitant to comment on another woman’s appearance before anything else…I love, love, love your hair. Although what strikes me the most is how I can now really see into your eyes and what I see there is a bright light and inner beauty that only comes when a woman has found peace with who she is and where she is on her path in life. Love you! Esther xx

    1. Esther did you sign up wordpress? I need to figure out WP yet! Thank you so much for those lovely comments.I feel like I can see myself more as well and be myself. Love, Susan x

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