Go Have Yourself A Girl Crush

Go Have Yourself A Girl Crush

A girl, or at my age, a woman crush is sooooo much more than just a crush. It ignites something within you that you didn’t know was there. It lights up something that may have been smouldering away for weeks, months, potentially years!

And it happens exactly when you need it.

I went to a two day yoga workshop with a teacher that was visiting my local studio. It is only now I am having time to digest it as I had family over immediately afterwards. I started following the woman on instagram after the first workshop day, even though I had been off it for six weeks.

Can you tell I am buying for time to explain this to you as I am trying to find the words. Ok let’s get this out Susan, it is bursting, waiting to be released…..

In a natural, at ease and radiant way she owned the room. In a gentle, genuine way, she shared such intimate knowledge of the subject. Mixing her technical knowledge, with passion, humour and sarcasm. Traits that I love and on topics that are so important to my own personal development right now.

She has it all, she is amazing!

I kept thinking. Especially on the second day when I was sitting up the front and lapping up all her knowledge. And wanting to feel her energy.

But of course I wasn’t just learning. Though that in itself does light me up.

She was authentic. She was talking about subjects that I know she genuinely lived and breathed (pun intended). She lives and radiates this.

At one point she said to a woman in the room “you are amazing, you need to believe that! You are bloody amazing!” Tears sprung to my eyes. She wasn’t talking to me. And yet she was.

At the end of the second days workshop I thanked her. I was probably drooling at this stage.

I went to the toilet and felt tears bubbling again. She owns her voice the thought came into my head. I am not owning my voice. I am not owning my voice. I am not talking about what I need to talk about.

I do not know what this means, yet. I will figure it out though. It is coming up the more I make space for it. I recognise it also in the full fat blog.

Watching Ulrika Norberg step into her power and inviting us all in that room to join her – that is what woman crushes are about. They invite us to lift up, join them and ultimately recognise ourselves in them. They light our fire and allow us to see what we are now. Today. They gave us permission, an invitation, to recognise this gift we have. And one that we can share with those in our circle.

Look out for your woman crushes and see what she is inviting you to see in yourself.


Susan xx

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