Choosing To Be Full Fat

Choosing To Be Full Fat

Homogenisation is the sterilising process of milk to make it look more appealing. If you deem more appealing that the fat particles are just dispersed and hidden. They are still there, in the milk.

The decision was made by someone that the full cream that rises to the top was neither attractive nor healthy looking. So it has been diluted, smothered, masked.

We don’t need it to be diluted. Hidden, amended or toned down. It isn’t healthy!

We have been conditioned to think that the original and natural state is not acceptable. You know I am talking about me, right? And maybe you? I have felt over the years that I have been homogenised. My voice. How I think. How I behave. What I wear. How I show up.

Certainly the conversations I was having for years were the same script over and over. In my twenties the script and life was hanging out in various bars around London with friends, which then transitioned to dinner parties as we entered our thirties. And now we are becoming more dispersed as the energy demands of London take effect.

The script is the usual conversation about what you do for work, where you live, where you go on holidays, the weather, how many spare bedrooms you have, your favourite pizza or juice place. And of course now it is the most popular yoga studio’s and if you can do a headstand (I am working on it!).

I stopped having those surface conversations a few years ago. Now I have fun, stimulating and sometimes vulnerable conversations. The ones that talk about how we really feel, the dreams we have, balanced with the challenges. It is equally important to talk about when life is going well. To recognise and be grateful for when life is good, rather than looking for problems.

For me the time for conforming, for adapting, for molding myself to the script is over. I was always against conforming when I was younger, playing soccer with the boys, not going to the most obvious university, never craving a career or a home. And then I hit London which coincided with my mid to late twenties and the script started.

I am letting go of the scripted life and conversations.

The change has been happening slowly. I always endeavour to be honest in my sharing. This did not happen overnight. It happened one decision at a time. I only recognise the first one now. Six years ago I decided to not have children (decision made with my husband), that was when I started the new script I believe. People, society, family, friends expect you to have children. “Are you sure?” was the most common question. Who is ever 100% sure. We talked it through, at length, and decided not to. That was the first step off the generally accepted path.

Then more choices arrived. And I took them. I believe it is a beautiful collusion of the universe offering me opportunities to leave a job that I was happy enough in (even if I have little to no boundaries around it), setting up my own business, then entering my 40’s and the big one deciding last year to sell my home and leave all the security and status behind.

Once you awaken you are forever changed.

I will repeat that. Once you awaken you are forever changed. That is so graceful and powerful. One step and it can change everything. It can open up so much opportunity and choices. And all we have to do is choose.

There is no one right way to do things, to live, to speak, to be in a relationships or not, whether to have kids or a house, what work to do, where to do and with whom.

There is nothing wrong with full fat, the most original and natural form. There is only your way. And there is only one unique you. I intend to keep listening to the voice inside, deep down inside. I invite and allow it to come to the surface. Full fat and all.

Disclosure: I am vegetarian and primarily dairy free. So I am not endorsing milk. xx

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