About Me

Hello there, 

My friends would describe me as authentic, inclusive, positive, humorous and with a genuine interest in others. That’s on a good day of course! 

My family would describe me as the confident, impatient, slams the door, never sits still middle child who is always up to something.

I’m all that, and a woman who is figuring it out on the go.  I talk about change a lot.  I love pushing my boundaries and taking leaps, big and small. And inevitably I come across fear. When you make scary life decision it is constantly yapping at your heels!

10 things that brought me here…

  1. Made in Ireland, my heart home. 
  2. Lived in London, UK for 15 years, after the usual travelling through South East Asia and Australia.
  3. Here are some labels – Aunt, Sister, Wife, Feminist, Curious. 
  4. Successful C Suite woman, worked in Media & Entertainment of Global and FTSE 100 companies. (I know more labels!)
  5. Read into the last one – worked my butt off, had great fun, the best holidays, lush home and little time to enjoy it!
  6. Three years ago realised I wanted more, so I handed in my notice and starting making changes to my life.
  7. Sold my home in March 2018 and now testing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs….
  8. Travelling around the world, staying in countries for a few months at a time.
  9. Set up a wonderful business and circle of women, Back Yourself Mentoring
  10. A friend of a diverse range of women living and creating the most ordinary and extraordinary lives.
  11. BONUS: Figuring out what spirituality means, and what it means to me.

I hope you enjoy staying in touch. Drop me a line, I would love to hear from you! 



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