About Me


Well my friends would describe me as authentic, honest, energetic, inclusive, positive, no BS, humorous with a genuine interest in others. Thats on a good day of course!

My family would describe me as the confident, impatient, slams the door, never sits still middle child who is always up to something!

I’m all that and a woman who is still figuring it all out. I am in my 40’s, married to a wonderful man, spent my first 22 years in Ireland, 15 years in London and the other years travelling. In 2017 I left my “successful” C-Suite role, I set up Back Yourself Mentoring, a community and business for women. And this year my husband and myself sold our house in London and to take a break from our “successful” lives.

The plan is to have no plan. Technically, that doesn’t work. In September 2018 we are going to India with a years visa and a passion to explore Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation. We may stay 6 weeks or 6 months. Who knows!

What I do know is that it will change me. And I need and want to write about this change. I have changed so much already from the woman who told a HR Director less than 6 years ago – I can’t change I was born like this!

I have, I will continue to if need be and you can too!


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