Embracing A Hunger For Change

Hello there and welcome! 

I believe that we are all here to explore, change and grow. And that everyone can change. Even when it is super scary!!

In the last few years I started to really embrace this.  I sold my house, left my corporate role, became vegetarian and I wish to attempt a path towards vegan (loving cake is a challenge!).  I have learned how my menstrual cycle affects how I live and work which has been incredibly enlightening!

I am still learning how to go with the flow, rather than against it. I think I am winning! 

I believe in one key fundamental, and the rest I am figuring out and writing about here: We can change. We can make the most ordinary and extraordinary changes in our lives.  Even when fear wants to grip and paralyse us! 

I am here to share the life changes I have made, and I am making on a daily basis. They range from nutrition, understanding that yoga isn’t just asanas, travelling in incredible India and Nepal, working remotely, being scared and doing it anyway!

Join me, I would love your company! 

Susan xx

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