Follow Your Own Rhythm

Hello there and welcome! 

I believe that we are all here to explore, change and grow. That we all have our own internal rhythm that will guide us if we can access that beat and hear it. 

We all know how difficult it can be to hear yourself and find that rhythm. The initially feeling is more of a sense of being lost or unfulfilled or going through the motions. The itch begins, if you are able to listen closely it might become a little more insistent. 

Over the past seven years I started to slowly pause and feel that itch.  I sold my house, left my corporate role, became vegetarian, set up a wonderful women’s community and business.  I overcame a 20 year dread of my monthly menses and now embrace my whole menstrual cycle. This has been one of thee biggest shift for me! 

I am still learning to feel my own beat. It’s a wonderful process. One step forward, another two back a giant leap ahead…..

I believe in one key fundamental, and the rest I am figuring out and writing about here: We can change. We can make the most ordinary and extraordinary changes in our lives.  Even when fear wants to grip and paralyse us.

I am here to share the life changes I have made, how I nurture my energy, my rhythm and flow.  And by doing so I am proud of who I am, I bring the best of me to everyone around me.  This is through my interests, passions and dharma around nutrition, meditation, breathing, yoga, my personal cycle and being in nature wherever I am living at the time. 

I would love your company along the way and we can share together.

Susan xx

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