Making Scary Life Decisions & Figuring It Out As I Go

Hello there!

I believe that we are all here to explore, change and grow. And that everyone can change. Even when it is super scary!!

In the last few years I started to really embrace this.  I sold my house, left my corporate role, became vegetarian and I am attempting a path towards vegan. I learned how my menstrual cycle affects how I live and work, and how to maximise and go with the flow of it. I set up my own business called Back Yourself Mentoring, a mentoring community for women.

I believe in one key fundamental, and the rest I am figuring out and writing about here: We can change. We can make the most ordinary and extraordinary changes in our lives.  Even when fear wants to grip and paralyse us! 

I am here to share the life changes I have and am making including while exploring yoga, meditation, using my strong feminist voice, travelling (currently in India) and bring scared and doing it anyway!

Much love

Susan xx

My Passions - Yoga, Nutrition, Living in Different Countries & Speaking up for Women

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