Hello there and welcome! 

I believe we are here to grow. To explore experiences that we haven’t even thought of yet. And be kind to ourselves and each other.

In the last few years I started exploring, up to that point I had a job and that was all consuming. Know the feeling?

In the last two years I finally kicked smoking to the kerb, I rarely drink now. Last year I became vegetarian and I am attempting a path towards vegan. I learned how my menstrual cycle affects how I live and work, and how to maximise and go with the flow of it. I set up my own business called Back Yourself Mentoring, a mentoring community for women.

I believe in one key fundamental, and the rest I am figuring out and writing about here: We can change.

A thought turns into a belief without realising it. A belief then becomes reality.  Which means we can change any belief we have and create new ones.

I am currently with my husband in India diving deeper into Yoga, I am hoping develop a practice of meditation as it is sporadic to say the least! And to be. Just be.

Oh and write! Writing is my new found love. You are welcome to join me on this journey!

Much love

Susan xx


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